about us

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Our greatest asset is our multidisciplinary team. Whether it’s dealing with distributed ledger technologies for exchanging data securely or assessing the social acceptance of your idea, we’ve got you covered.

Our History

We are an Italian-based SME leveraging on the experience and knowledge of its multidisciplinary core members, researchers and industry professionals with the common passion for fostering innovation while promoting the ethical and secure adoption of technology and the use of management best practices.

Our Mission

We make and foster secure and responsible innovation. We help our clients to transform ideas into innovation while reducing or even eliminating the ethical and cybersecurity risks, through the design and the implementation of technology compliant with the fundamental rights of individuals. We also support our clients to be more effective by providing practical guidance to management best practices, gaining customers’ trust and competitiveness.

Our Vision

We focus on a holistic vision of innovation, generated by efficiency, scientific curiosity and respect for human beings, where ideas, techniques, tools and methods from different disciplines are integrated to make innovative, secure and responsible technology.