Innovation creates new opportunities and greater competitiveness in the market. We aim to develop strategies that look to how humans have always aspired to learn and hear about new things, in order to be in sync with changes in market forces and channel organisations innovation processes to embrace all these changes. We help our customers forecasting changes in the market, identifies newer market segments, monitor customer pattern of business activities, detect competition and chart out newer business models. We connect data and science to provide practical, concrete, and straightforward answers for business questions around consumers, markets, brands, and media. However, sometimes, changes in business environments pose serious threats. Business opportunities can come from new technologies that help us reach new customers, from new funding streams that allow us to invest in better ideas, as well as from changes in government policies that open up new markets. On the other hand, threats may include deregulation that exposes our revenues to intensified competition, a shrinking market, or increases in interest rates. That scenario may cause issues especially if a company is already burdened by debt. We have ideated an adaptive 4 Step tool to perform PESTLE Assessment to analyse how Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological, and Ethics factors can impact our clients’ business domain and viceversa.