Alessio Bianchini
Researcher & ICT Consultant

Don’t ask me if I can do it. Ask me how much time I need to get it done.

Alessio Bianchini obtained a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering (2018) from University of Pisa (Italy) with a final thesis on certification and traceability through IoT and Blockchain solutions of the extra-virgin olive oil supply chain. He recently worked in the context of nationwide projects for smart mobility and is currently collaborating in industrial innovation projects with the goal of enabling next-gen industries.

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Blockchain for Electrical Power Energy Systems: PHOENIX H2020

Within PHOENIX, a research project financed by the European Union, partners endeavor to create a system of detecting and mitigating cyber threats that maximizes trust between parties and minimizes access to personal data of consumers.  Blockchain is the perfect tool for doing so, and here is why. 

Blockchain for business

Is Blockchain the right solution for your business?