Francesca Morpurgo
Senior Researcher & Ethics Consultant

"Wanderer, there is no path, you make the path as you walk." - Antonio Machado

Francesca Morpurgo (she, her) graduated in philosophy, with a thesis in logic, and holds a PhD in logic and epistemology from the university Sapienza of Rome, within which she conducted research in the field of creation and management of knowledge in complex organizations. Afterwards she worked as content manager and information architect for several internet companies, and as a ux consultant. Actively engaged in some volunteer organizations, besides being a researcher she is currently a municipal councilor for the city of Rome where she is head of the youth and educational policies commission. Due to her multifaceted experience she is particularly interested in the philosophy of technology, in particular Artificial Intelligence, and in its ethical implications, but also in pedagogy and in science of education. She is also engaged in understanding how to promote the EU policies at the local level and in studying the most advanced policy and technological solutions with the aim of making them known and of applying them (e.g data driven decision making for public administrations, digital identity, distributed co-creation platforms and innovative participatory tools).

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