Lorenzo Ratto Vaquer
Junior Researcher & Socio-Ethical Consultant

"What we cannot afford today, under any circumstances, is unawareness." - G. Anders

Lorenzo graduated in Philosophy (2021) at 'Sapienza' - University of Rome with a thesis on Gunther Anders' Philosophy of Technology. His passion for the relationship between ethics, technologies and society led him to the Netherlands where he is completing a Master's degree in 'Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society' at the University of Twente, where he was Teacher Assistant in three ethics courses for engineering and design students. He published an article in Mechane (Mimesis Journal) about the concept of 'Cosmotechnics' in Yuk Hui, a contemporary Chinese philosopher. He is particularly interested in the intersection of sociology and applied ethics to new technologies.

From Lorenzo


On the verification of technology systems in ethics: validation, reproducibility, and responsibility.

Current AI systems need to be held to ethical standards in order to be used safely and responsibly in society. At the same time, standards cannot be verified by repetition experiments (reproducibility), so an iterative process of verification and validity needs to be established on the basis of the continuous evolution of the system and new information that may emerge.

Keeping IT Real: Communication strategies for Ethics of AI

The growing attention to the ethics of AI is moving from the scientific to the public sphere. Principles and solutions for an ethical relationship with AI no longer concern only experts in the field, but the broad public, which is increasingly able to grasp the importance of the issue. Yet, communication about it is very […]