Luigi Briguglio
Senior Researcher & ICT Consultant

Technology innovation has to overcome limits, unsolved issues, and guarantee greater well-being. Forget these rules, and you will lose the pleasure of designing a better future.

Luigi Briguglio (male) holds a Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering (1996) from the University of Padua. He is Senior Researcher and ICT Consultant at CyberEthics Lab, where he applies his expertise as a Project Manager in ICT and Embedded Systems research projects (i.e. 5G-SOLUTIONS, PHOENIX, PERSONA). In July 2015 he got a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from PMI. He is a member of the PMI-Central Italy Membership Committee ( His topics of interests are software architecture, data management, project management, embedded systems, monitor and control systems, and automation. Since 2001, in Engineering, the Italian ICT company, he covered the roles of Senior Researcher, WP Leader, Technical Director and Project Coordinator in the R&D Lab and he has been involved in many European research projects, namely: SCIDIP-ES, CASPAR, ASSETS, FINSENY, FINESCE and EMSODEV. He is author of scientific papers on information technology, data management and long-term digital archival systems. He worked in the industry of Energy Conversion (i.e. AC/DC and DC/DC converters produced by Omicron Industriale) and RES Generation (i.e. HCPV Trackers produced by Solergy Italia) by developing monitor and control system based on embedded devices and custom electronics. He had research experience at INFM (National Institute of Matter and Physics) for developing a DSP-based controller for a near-field scanning optical microscope.

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Blockchain for Electrical Power Energy Systems: PHOENIX H2020

Within PHOENIX, a research project financed by the European Union, partners endeavor to create a system of detecting and mitigating cyber threats that maximizes trust between parties and minimizes access to personal data of consumers.  Blockchain is the perfect tool for doing so, and here is why.