Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most discussed technological trends of our time. But what does "artificial intelligence" mean? Can a machine really be defined as "intelligent"? What will AI systems allow us to achieve in the future?

These and many other questions surround the topic: while AI indeed allows us to exponentially expand the boundaries of innovation, introducing new possibilities and helping to build the future, it is also necessary to pay close attention to the potential unintended harms that can be hidden behind the apparent neutrality of these tools. Despite being able to process data acquired from the external environment autonomously, machines are not designed to make ethical choices. So, in order to keep up with the very fast progress of these systems, it is necessary to develop not only legal, but also ethical-theoretical reflection on AI. CyberEthics Lab. which promotes responsible and conscious technological innovation, contributes to the debate on AI by assessing not only the benefits, but also the risks that artificial intelligence systems may pose to society and users if built without attention to consequences, so that the benefits of AI are truly a benefit to all.
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A Round Table about the future of Digital identity

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Keeping IT Real: Communication strategies for Ethics of AI

The growing attention to the ethics of AI is moving from the scientific to the public sphere. Principles and solutions for an ethical relationship with AI no longer concern only experts in the field, but the broad public, which is increasingly able to grasp the importance of the issue. Yet, communication about it is very […]