The rapid development of technologies is supported by continuous scientific, technical, and engineering advances. In addition to this progress, a corresponding ethical development and a philosophy of technology is necessary. At CyberEthics Lab., we strive to develop methodological approaches that can support an adequate relationship between human beings and the tools they develop.

CEL strongly believes in responsible technological ethics, capable of proposing a holistic vision of innovation that never loses sight of efficiency and respect for human beings. Not only results, but also processes must be ethical. The perspective of responsible and ethical technology coincides with the goal of eliminating risks in terms of safety, respect for rights, and minorities. For this reason, we are committed to staying constantly updated, to deepen and provide best practices and guidelines for an ethical adoption of technologies. To live better within a "technological culture," techno-ethical or techno-philosophical approaches can help us avoid falling into a deterministic or naive conception of technology. The projects we carry out in CEL are based on the awareness that the future is being built at this moment, and that the human beings involved in the change must be the protagonists. For this reason, it is necessary on the one hand to have a good knowledge of technology, and on the other hand to have a deep and far-sighted outlook to orient one's decisions towards ethical, humane, and rational choices.
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Workshop 05/12/23

Il Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale Energia (CTN-E) e CyberEthics Lab. (CEL) hanno
concordato l’organizzazione di un workshop per gli associati di CTN-E sui temi di Demand Response, Social Acceptance, Ethics Principles, Responsible Innovation, Sustainability.

CyberEthics Lab. at TrusTech 2023

CyberEthics Lab. will be participating at the TRUSTECH Event in Paris at stand B65 to present the developments performed in IMPULSE project H2020. On November 28th at 5 PM, our researchers Emanuela Tangari and Tetiana Vasylieva will also give a pitch on ‘IMPULSE Digital Wallet: Pioneering Ethical Self-Sovereign #Identity Solutions for Public Administrations and Businesses Across Europe.’ Looking forward to the chance to share this […]