How well protected was that last online purchase you conducted? How safely kept are your records in your health care provider’s servers?

As more and more of our world becomes digitalized, data security, that is the inaccessibility of the personal and sensitive information we share with specific third parties, becomes an increasingly fundamental issue. CEL has a proven ability to develop and conduct data privacy impact assessments, methods for assessing both the actual necessity of the gathering of data and the quality of the protection afforded to it. Furthermore, we analyse whether or not a given technology can impact your privacy or your personal data. An example? Recently we have analysed whether blockchain technology, which is correctly and highly touted for its ability to maintain secrets safe, complies with tenets of European law such as “the right to be forgotten.”
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Intersezionalità, uno sguardo ai presupposti storici di un modello teorico e metodologico

Il termine “intersezionalità” fu utilizzato per la prima volta dalla giurista Kimberlè Crenshaw nel 1989[1] per indicare indicare la modalità di sovrapposizione e intersezione di diverse categorie sociali nella costituzione delle identità dei soggetti. Per la giurista, l’occasione di coniare questo termine per rappresentare tutta la riflessione teorica che andava formandosi da qualche decennio è […]

PHOENIX Final Workshop

The @PHOENIX-H2020 Final Workshop held in Rome on July 7th 2022 closed with successful numbers and relevant outcomes: 36 participants from 8 countries 5 projects dealing with cybersecurity and critical infrastructures – @PHOENIX-H2020, @SMART5GRID-PROJECT, @IRIS-H2020-PROJECT, @ELECTRON-PROJECT-H2020, @CYBERSEAS-PROJECT 6 panellists suggested improvements for the PHOENIX Policy Brief – Dr. Adv. Annita Larissa Sciacovelli, Prof. Dr. Col. […]