Regulatory Frameworks

Have you ever asked yourself how the technological innovations that shape our society are regulated?

Technological innovation is a wide and complex field which can be difficult to navigate. Technology directly affects different aspects of our lives and intersects with other key areas of our society, changing its balance and functioning. One of the areas that most require immediate responses to these changes is the law: the CyberEthics Lab. legal team is committed to keeping up with this complexity by researching and studying the regulatory frameworks that arise in response to the emerging technologies and the increasingly decisive privacy issues, in order to frame innovation with precision and awareness. Fully engaged in the study of European regulatory frameworks such as the AI act, GDPR and MDR, CyberEthics Lab. guides the stakeholders in acting properly and consciously in the face of the intricate matter of the law. An example? Our Medical Device Assessment service, which relies on our in-depth knowledge of the Medical Device Regulation and provides guidance to manufacturers for medical device assessment within the appropriate regulatory framework.
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On the verification of technology systems in ethics: validation, reproducibility, and responsibility.

Current AI systems need to be held to ethical standards in order to be used safely and responsibly in society. At the same time, standards cannot be verified by repetition experiments (reproducibility), so an iterative process of verification and validity needs to be established on the basis of the continuous evolution of the system and new information that may emerge.

A Round Table about the future of Digital identity

Digital identity is essential for enabling citizens to participate in digital society. In today’s world, many essential services are delivered online, and Digital identity is essential for accessing these services. For example, Digital identity can be used to access government services, such as online tax filing or passport renewal. They can also be used to […]