Regulatory Frameworks

Have you ever asked yourself how the technological innovations that shape our society are regulated?

Technological innovation is a wide and complex field which can be difficult to navigate. Technology directly affects different aspects of our lives and intersects with other key areas of our society, changing its balance and functioning. One of the areas that most require immediate responses to these changes is the law: the CyberEthics Lab. legal team is committed to keeping up with this complexity by researching and studying the regulatory frameworks that arise in response to the emerging technologies and the increasingly decisive privacy issues, in order to frame innovation with precision and awareness. Fully engaged in the study of European regulatory frameworks such as the AI act, GDPR and MDR, CyberEthics Lab. guides the stakeholders in acting properly and consciously in the face of the intricate matter of the law. An example? Our Medical Device Assessment service, which relies on our in-depth knowledge of the Medical Device Regulation and provides guidance to manufacturers for medical device assessment within the appropriate regulatory framework.
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How technologies can transform society

Steering research and innovation directions with full awareness of societal transformation levels We are all aware of the transformative power technologies exert at all levels of society, from the macro socio-economic level to the level of individuals, influencing the construction of our identity and sense of self as well as relational dynamics. However, the specific […]

EUDAMED: get ready for registration

There are more  than 500,000 types of medical devices in the European Union (EU) market. Their importance for the healthcare sector as a whole and for each individual patient cannot be underestimated. This competitive and innovative market is currently supported by a regulatory framework aimed at ensuring its smooth functioning. A key role in this […]