The gender dimension in Situation Awareness

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The need for the ASSISTANCE project within the European Union disaster recovery community

Across the European Union, different First Responder organizations – such as LEAs, firefighters, and medical emergency staff – cooperate when facing large and complex disasters. Not always do they function in similar ways. ASSISTANCE will improve First Responders’ Situation Awareness by providing new tools, technologies, and paradigms. An example of the latter is the gender dimension in Search and Rescue operations, described in CyberEthics Lab.’s whitepaper written in parternship with Prof. Arturo Cuesta Jimenez of the University of Cantabria.

To read the whitepaper entitled “The Societal Modeling of Situation Awareness in Search and Rescue Research: Sex and Gender Analysis”, follow this link.

The title of the whitepaper superimposed on a crowd of Italian first responders contemplating a disaster site

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