PHOENIX Final Workshop: Privacy, Ethics and Cybersecurity aspects in critical infrastructures

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The PHOENIX Final Workshop will be the opportunity to share challenges and results among the Cyber EPES Cluster and other projects dealing with cybersecurity and critical infrastructures as well.

The Workshop is structured in two sessions:

  • The morning session with involvement from the Cyber EPES Cluster and other invited projects;
  • The afternoon session where a final draft of Policy Options (Privacy, Ethics and Cybersecurity aspects in Critical Infrastructures) will be presented and consequently debated during the roundtable with a multidisciplinary panel composed by a group of experts.

For the afternoon session, CyberEthics Lab. (CEL) – being partner organising the Workshop – is inviting a group of experts. Experts will play the main role of debating policy options and results of the projects, providing feedback (i.e. experts judgement). This will allow to finalise the policy options, planned as a key result of the PHOENIX project and specifically they will be reported in D8.5 “Market study and exploitation plans” (due at M35), as per DoA.

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